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Oh hello!

Nice to have a visitor. On this website you can find a selection of things I've been tinkering with in the past few years. Who knows maybe we could do something together? Let me know if you feel like having a talk.

  • I'm convinced that a true thing poorly presented, is a lie (thx Stephen Fry). Communication is important to me.

  • I think curiosity is severely underrated. Theres always more to things than meets the eye.

  • I believe in the power of honest discussions.

  • I strive to be a curator in the information age. A person who manages information and presents it in an interesting way. 

  • I believe that play can be a good approach to all kinds of serious matters. Breaking established rules in a safe space is a fantastic way towards new creative ideas. 

  • "Why" is my favourite question, and I like to ask it a lot. I find that we should often re-evaluate why we are doing what we are doing. 

  • Spending time on Wikipedia (and sometimes YouTube) is hands down the best way to procrastinate! =)

These are some things I believe in:

Here are some publications relating to my interests:
Webinar I hosted on the topic of visualizing sustainability (in Swedish)
My masters thesis on play theory and its relevance for the field of urban design
riikonen_thesis_25_6_2015final 1.jpg
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